We offer a wide selection of Mexican candies and delicacies.
1. Almendras
2. Banderas
3. Bocadin
4. Bombon
5. Bubbaloo
6. Cacahuate Chile y Limon
7. Cacahuates Japoneses
8. Cacahuates Japoneses Chile
9. Cachetadas
10. Cashews
11. Ciruelas
12. Cucharitas
13. Duvalin
14. Gummy Apples
15. Gummy Bears
16. Gummy Rings
17. Gummy Worms
18. Little Fruit
19. Mango con Chile
20. Mango Jalapeño
21. Mango Natural
22. Mazapan
23. Mexican Gum
24. Mexican Mix
25. Nueces
26. Paleta Surtida
27. Paleta Surtida 2
28. Paleton
29. Pelotukas
30. Pica Gomas
31. Pico Polvo
32. Pina con Chile
33. Pina Natural
34. Pistachios
35. Pulparindo
36. Pulparindo Hot
37. Saladitos
38. Saladitos con Chile
39. Semilla Calabaza
40. Sour Gummy Bears
41. Sour Neon Worms
42. Sour Worms
43. Tamarindo Azucar
44. Tamarindo Chile
About us

La Mexicana Spice Co. is a food company with different product lines including a fine selection of mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, and our newest addition our jar line, that consists of packaged chicken,fish, pork and meat seasonings. In addition to our spices and herbs line we also have a wide selection of Hispanic Mexican candies that have a very successful track record on the market for over 10 years.
Our different product lines include a fine selection of various mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, packaged chicken, fish, pork and meat seasonings.

Several delicious Mexican recipes including chile sauces, enchiladas, tortillas, guacamole, flan, quesadillas, chili bread, stuffed chilis and many more traditional plates.
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