La Mexicana Spice Co. offers many different packaged chiles. We offer Whole & ground authentic Mexican herbs & spices, 20 exotic chili varieties, Tamales Mix, Mexican brown sugar, Menudo mix and Hot taco mix.

When looking for a quick fix for bland foods, most people will reach for some sort of pepper. Chile peppers have become the most consumed spice in the world. This is due in large part to the vast number of different chile peppers. With such variety, often referred to by assorted regional names, it's difficult to single out a particular chile.

Even so, most of us are familiar with the terms "crushed red pepper" or "red pepper flakes." It's not so much a chile as a style. A jar filled with red flakes intermingling with yellow seeds is front and center in most spice cabinets. No particular chile pepper is used, rather just a combination of C. annuum and C. frutenscens varieties, often ancho chiles,

Crushed red pepper shakers have become as standard as salt and pepper on tables at Italian restaurants and especially pizza parlors. So common, in fact, are the red pepper flakes as a pizza ingredient that the spice is also known as "the pizza pepper."

These spicy flakes are frequently used in pickling, sausages and sauces of all kinds. You might use it to jazz up soups, marinades or an omelet. The heat of the spice has a special affinity for all things creamy such as a cheese sauce or cream of spinach soup.








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La Mexicana Spice Co. is a food company with different product lines including a fine selection of mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, and our newest addition our jar line, that consists of packaged chicken,fish, pork and meat seasonings. In addition to our spices and herbs line we also have a wide selection of Hispanic Mexican candies that have a very successful track record on the market for over 10 years.
Our different product lines include a fine selection of various mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, packaged chicken, fish, pork and meat seasonings.

Several delicious Mexican recipes including chile sauces, enchiladas, tortillas, guacamole, flan, quesadillas, chili bread, stuffed chilis and many more traditional plates.
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