La Mexicana Spice Co. offers many different types of herbs.

What makes our products different?
> Our product have a proven shelf life of over one year.
> Our products include an umbrella liability insurance coverage.
> Our products have sold very well in a multi-ethnic environment.

Product Packaging
For your customers convience, La Mexicana Spice Co. has developed a bright, attractive, eye catching package labeling that's designed for consumer awareness and desirability. All of our products include Bi-lingual labeling in both English and Spanish. Each packaged product line also includes bar coding for easy product sales and control.

Bay Leaves

Whole Clove

Whole Cumin


Whole Oregano

Rose Buds
About us

La Mexicana Spice Co. is a food company with different product lines including a fine selection of mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, and our newest addition our jar line, that consists of packaged chicken,fish, pork and meat seasonings. In addition to our spices and herbs line we also have a wide selection of Hispanic Mexican candies that have a very successful track record on the market for over 10 years.
Our different product lines include a fine selection of various mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, packaged chicken, fish, pork and meat seasonings.

Several delicious Mexican recipes including chile sauces, enchiladas, tortillas, guacamole, flan, quesadillas, chili bread, stuffed chilis and many more traditional plates.
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