Like other countries around the world, the cuisine of Mexico reflects the tastes of different regions of the nation. Taste here is influenced by the local climate as well as everyday rituals that have become important to a region's inhabitants.

The sophisticated blending of flavors in the central region of Tlaxcala, famous for its fields of maguey, corn, and amaranth as well as setas, gourmet mushrooms formerly found only in the wild. Highlighting the region's specialties, you can also try selections like Pollo Tizatlan, chicken breasts seasoned with lightly toasted amaranth, Codillo Aquiahuac, pork leg complemented with the flavor of paddle cactus and pursulane (a tropical plant native to the region.



Peanus w/Chile and Lemon

Japanese Peanuts

Japanese Peanuts with Chili


Mangos with Chili

Jalapeño Mango

Natural Mango


Pineapple with Chili

Natural Pineapple


Salted Plums with Salt

Pumpkin Seeds

Tamarind with Sugar

Tamarind with Chili
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La Mexicana Spice Co. is a food company with different product lines including a fine selection of mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, and our newest addition our jar line, that consists of packaged chicken,fish, pork and meat seasonings. In addition to our spices and herbs line we also have a wide selection of Hispanic Mexican candies that have a very successful track record on the market for over 10 years.
Our different product lines include a fine selection of various mexican chiles, herbs, spices, bread crumbs, packaged chicken, fish, pork and meat seasonings.

Several delicious Mexican recipes including chile sauces, enchiladas, tortillas, guacamole, flan, quesadillas, chili bread, stuffed chilis and many more traditional plates.
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